Careage Executive Team

The Careage executive team is committed to the success and well-being of both staff and clients, while serving the needs of an aging population through its residential communities, health care, and construction services. Since its founding in 1962, this family-owned company has been people-centric and community focused. Today, our executives lead by example and apply their wealth of experience to continue advancing that culture and mission of service and caring.

Careage Operational Leadership

Evie Lynn

Chairman, Careage Board of Directors

John Hogan


David Feeney

Treasurer, Careage Board of Directors

Mike Campeau

President of Careage Construction
Member, Careage Board of Directors

Melinda Deitz, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

April Smith

Marketing Strategist

Jane Whitaker, NHA

Vice President, Community Operations

Kenneth L. Farmer, Jr., MD,
Major General, US Army (Retired)

Secretary, Careage Board of Directors