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3 Reasons to Discuss Your Future With an Elder Law Attorney


Sometimes people think they have it all figured out – until they find themselves in an unusual position, that is. That’s where an elder law attorney can help. An elder law attorney is someone prepared to advocate for you or your loved one, someone who’s equipped to handle the legal issues one might face during retirement. As you or your loved one ages, there are several matters an elder law attorney can help with. Here are a few examples.

Discussing Your or Your Loved One’s Care

There are a few instances in which you might want to reach out to an elder law attorney to discuss you or your loved one’s care. A lawyer who is knowledgeable of the field can help you go over care plans at a community or draft care contracts if your loved one has a caregiver. In caregiver situations, it can also help you navigate awkward situations by having a document already in place to prevent arguments.

Legacy Planning

Should your or your loved one’s health deteriorate, it’s important to have key decision makers prepared ahead of time. An elder law attorney will outline the goals and plans for the legacy of a person, and help set up primary and secondary parties who can make decisions on you or your one's behalf.

Elder Abuse & Fraud

Elder care attorneys see a variety of financial and medical circumstances, including elder abuse and fraud. If you’re concerned that you or your loved one has been neglected or taken advantage of, an elder law attorney is the ideal type of lawyer to contact. Discussing care plans and estate management early with someone with experience can help limit or mitigate potential problems in the future. It’s smart to make contact with a lawyer before issues come up.

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