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A senior man and woman dancing with Santa hats on with a large window and a Christmas tree in the background.

4 Activities For Seniors To Stay Engaged This Winter


The weather is getting colder, but staying engaged, healthy, and happy is a year-round affair. Here are some indoor activities for seniors to keep active this winter.

Stay Active

It might be too cold to go for a walk outside or take a swim class, but there are still plenty of ways to get your heart rate up. Dancing is an engaging activity for seniors that adds a little fun to a workout routine. According to studies, it’s also a great way to improve your muscle strength and endurance.

Another great indoor workout is yoga. It can be done practically anywhere, and helps improve flexibility, balance, and overall health. Winter is a great time of year to try out yoga for the first time.


Crafting seasonal food is a great winter activity. You might be watching your diet a little more, but that doesn’t make the act of baking any less fun. Baking helps you destress and is also more enjoyable when you do it as a team. Share a favorite recipe with a loved one and make something together this season. Baked goods make great gifts, so be sure to share the love.

Connect with Loved Ones

Ward off winter blues by staying connected with others. Make the extra effort to call a loved one, schedule time for a video chat, or to hang out with friends. The holiday season is a great time to get caught up with people you haven’t talked to in a while. You can also write letters, cards, or thoughtful notes and send those to your loved ones who are busy this season.

Join In The Fun

Careage communities are geared toward the overall health and happiness of our residents. Each community has an active social calendar with seasonal events, crafts, and classes. There are always fun activities for seniors happening. Check out what’s going on nearby, whether it’s in your local community or in your senior community – and get out there. Make new friends, gather with old friends, and try something new this season.

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