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4 Activities to Keep Memory Care Seniors Engaged


Keeping your aging loved one engaged and stimulated is essential for their overall happiness and sense of fulfillment. According to recent research, Memory Care residents who remain idle experience restlessness, boredom, and depression. Seniors who are in varying stages of memory decline greatly benefit from engaging in activities and community involvement. Check out these four pastimes and activities that can help support seniors living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory-related illnesses.

Music Therapy

Studies show that music therapy is an effective and enjoyable activity for older adults with Alzheimer's and dementia. Music can help seniors retain music memories, even in advanced cases. Playing a loved one's favorite albums or songs attached to specific events is enjoyable and eases confusion. If you want something more interactive than listening to music, you can try hosting a sing-a-long or dance, or give your loved one opportunities to play music themselves.

Scrapbooking or Memory boxes

Creating a scrapbook, collage, or memory box is a great outlet for Memory Care residents. The activity unlocks a creative side of the brain while tying in a personal touch that can stir memories. It’s also plain fun, so you and your loved one can bond while you spend time together.

Tactile Therapy

One of the best ways to keep Memory Care seniors engaged is to keep their hands busy. The how depends on what stage of care your loved one is at. If your loved one has mild symptoms, they may not want to do mundane tasks like folding laundry or untying knots. On the other hand, these types of easy, repetitive tasks can be stress-relieving for seniors in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. Physical puzzles or a craft like knitting are a better fit for those who feel bored with other tactile-based therapies.

Scent Therapy

Much like music, scents create a strong memory bond. Going for a walk among flowers, sharing a favorite meal, or even laundry detergent can help engage your loved one. Smells can evoke emotions, memories, and feelings of comfort.

Finding a senior living community that can adequately handle your loved one’s needs in every level of memory loss is paramount. Learn more about our services and options. We coordinate daily activities to keep your loved one happy, healthy, and growing in our community.


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