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4 Ways to Stay Social and Connect as You Age


Loneliness and isolation can be difficult to deal with, especially for seniors. However, there are several easy steps you can take to maintain your social connections, whether you’re living independently inside or outside a senior living community. Careage has compiled a list of ways you can stay social and connect as you grow older.

Schedule Regular Video Chats

Video chatting is an amazing tool that takes connecting remotely to the next level. Having a weekly video call with a family member or faraway friend gives you something to look forward to, and seeing a loved one’s face is always nice. Getting the hang of video chatting software like Zoom can be tricky. If you feel lost, there are several beginners’ guides on the internet to help you get started.

Join an Exercise Class

Many senior living communities offer group classes for aerobics, yoga, or outdoor walking. Additionally, your local gym or community center may offer low-intensity exercise classes tailored specifically for seniors. Whatever type of class you pick, you’re sure to not only improve your health, but meet some new acquaintances. Nothing brings people together like complaining about exercise!

Join or Start a Book Club

You can find book clubs to join just about anywhere – your local library, a senior living community, or community center. If you don’t see anything that interests you, start your own. If you’re tech-savvy, you can even hold meetings over Zoom during inclement weather or to accommodate friends with mobility challenges. If your book has been made into a movie, you can look into organizing a movie night as well!

Try Out a New Hobby

Hobbies like knitting, sewing, drawing, or cooking can be fun on their own, but there are also plenty of groups and clubs dedicated to teaching and honing skills for beginners. You can find advertisements for local hobby groups at your local library or community center or even on your town’s website. Careage also offers a wide variety of daily group activities like Bingo, card games, and even low-intensity sports.

We hope this list gave you a few suggestions about staying social as you grow older. For more activity ideas and helpful information, visit the Careage blog.


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