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7 Questions To Ask When Searching for A Senior Living Community


Whether you are looking for yourself or researching for a loved one, finding a senior living community can feel daunting. Aside from location and amenities, there are other things to consider when looking for a community that is the right fit. Here are seven questions to ask when considering transitioning to senior living.

Is there a waitlist?

If possible, research potential senior living communities early. Thinking ahead – even years ahead – can make the transition a lot smoother. Once you find your ideal community, consider being placed on their waitlist, especially if the average wait is a long one. Even if you are not quite ready to move into a senior living community, you’ll feel good about taking that step to secure a home for the future.

What type of care fits best?

Different communities offer different settings and perks. Some places provide a private cottage or townhome environment. Some locations enjoy pet-friendly options. You also have to decide what level of care best suits your or your loved one’s needs, be that Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care. You may want to look for communities that allow you to age in place by offering a range of services. Peruse the Careage Communities to get an idea of what matches your needs and preferences.

What kind of activity calendar do they offer?

Take a look at a prospective community’s activity calendar! If you don’t see one on their website, request one for your review. Sneak a peek at the types of events and outings they plan for residents. If it’s looking empty or not up your alley, it might not be a match.

What costs are involved?

Finances play a big role in finding somewhere to live out your golden years. But it’s less about the amount and more about the details. Make sure you understand monthly fees as well as if utilities or other amenities are added fees.

Now that you’ve established a few contending senior living communities, it’s time to schedule a tour. While on the tour, ask more questions and bring a notebook if you need. Below are a few major questions that you should ask while touring.

What’s the staff to resident ratio?

You or your loved one want to feel taken care of. If staffing seems thin, it might be indicative of the level of care to expect. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and pose your concerns. You deserve to be heard, whether it’s a maintenance issue or a health problem.

What do other residents have to say?

The easiest way to get a feel for a community is to see what people who live there have to say! You can look for reviews and testimonials, but when you tour a community – look around. Do people seem happy and engaged? Do they seem welcoming? Non-verbal actions add a lot to the environment and give you a feel for what life there would be like.

Is this a place I can call home?

The most important thing to find out is if you or your loved one will feel at home at a senior living community. You might need to tour a couple, or you might fall in love with the first one you look at. Trust your intuition.

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