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Fact versus Fiction: Skilled Nursing Facilities

Fact versus Fiction: Skilled Nursing Facilities


Skilled nursing facilities carry a lot of weight when brought up to or by a loved one as we age—especially when it’s combined with the stress of a health event, like major surgery or injury, or a new diagnosis.

There is some negative stigma around skilled nursing facilities that can be hard to see beyond, but our Executive Director Dell Workman, RN, is here to bust some of the common myths so you can go into your treatment with confidence and peace of mind.

FACT 1: We offer peace-of-mind in a quiet, restful environment.

While medical staff and equipment will always be present, we aim to provide a relaxing, comfortable experience. Unlike hospitals, there are no set visiting hours, and you’re not confined to your room—we encourage you to get involved with our community during your stay, and to have your family and friends visit whenever you like! We also allow for pet visitations (provided they meet our screening requirements).

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, a medical event, or an injury, we value your privacy as much as you do. All skilled nursing patients are protected by a resident’s bill of rights, which includes the right to know about all medications and treatments they receive. No staff members will open a closed door or pull aside a curtain without giving proper notification first. Our residents can also have the benefit of private rooms to help them best recover, and you’ll be able to bring personal items, including things like your favorite photos, plants, and chair.

FACT 2:  Our recuperative cuisine is healthy AND delicious.

Healthy eating is so important for people who are recovering from surgery or an illness. Our dietary department serves wholesome, appetizing meals and snacks that meet the nutritional requirements of each resident – just like you’ll see in this photo of a typical lunch entrée we’ve included from our Mission Healthcare Bellevue dietary team. Delicious!

While it’s tough to beat a home-cooked meal, we make our meals with love for our residents. We’ll do our best to provide you with food that you like, which we’ll determine with you as you’re admitted. We encourage you to have meals with our community so that you can enjoy good company, but we’ll also help you with private dining in your room or even with your family and friends if you prefer.

FACT 3: Your recovery with us meets the highest standards of care.

We pride ourselves on the level of care you’ll receive while you’re here. Our award-winning therapists and caregivers will help you through every step of your unique recovery. We recognize that every resident is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution—our therapy team will make daily rehabilitation a collaborative effort. You can be confident that at Mission Healthcare, we want our residents to be as healthy and able as possible.

FACT 4:  We help you recover and reduce the risk of re-hospitalization.

Understandably, most people just want to go back to their homes after a major hospital stay.  While that is certainly the goal, sometimes the risk of returning to the hospital is too high to risk discharging you directly to your own home.  Medications, wound treatment, or even just monitoring your condition 24/7 requires a greater skillset than among your own family or friends.

It’s important to remember that our focus is purely on supporting you as you recover while teaching you the skills you need to care for yourself when you go home. As you recover, we’ll help you with personalized therapies, medication and disease management skills, and so much more—which will ultimately lower your risk of returning to the hospital.

FACT 5: The average rehabilitation stay is about two weeks.

Many think that a skilled nursing facility is a trap you never get out of once you fall in.  That couldn’t be further from the truth—your discharge planning begins the day you arrive. 

While we love having you with us, our ultimate goal is to get you to back to an independent lifestyle as quickly as possible.  Whether this means returning home after short-term rehabilitation or improving to the point you need a lesser level of care, such as an independent- or assisted-living community, we want you to be your healthiest you!

Mission Healthcare is a leader in our community for senior care. Whether you’re only staying with us for a few weeks or you’re moving in to call us home, we want to help you be the healthiest you can be. If you’ve got questions or concerns, or want to schedule a tour, contact us today.

Dell Workman is the Executive Director for Mission Healthcare at Renton. Dell has a diverse background related to healthcare. He is a registered nurse (R.N.) and has practiced in hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units, home care, and skilled and rehabilitative facilities. Additionally, Dell has been licensed as a healthcare administrator for over twenty years.

Dell draws upon his diverse background in healthcare to ensure Mission Healthcare at Renton’s mission of providing comprehensive post-operative care, long-term and respite care, and on-site inpatient and outpatient therapy services exceed our discerning customers’ expectations.



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