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Senior looking at old photos in an album | fun ways to organize photos

Fun Ways to Organize Family Photos


There’s something profoundly nostalgic about old photos. It’s not just the memories, but also the look and feel of physical photos that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

It’s likely that your senior loved one is a keeper of many photos and would love spending an afternoon organizing them with you. Whether you’re scrapbooking or thinking outside the box with storage ideas, these photo displays will have you celebrating the past while enjoying the present.

Plan an Afternoon of Scrapbooking

Did you know that scrapbooking is a great activity for seniors? Art engages all the senses and strengthens cognitive function, making it enjoyable and mentally stimulating. Creativity is instrumental in improving mental health by lowering stress, depression, and anxiety. So, take an afternoon to scrapbook with your senior loved one. Not only is scrapbooking a simple way to store memories, but creating an art project together is the perfect opportunity to make new moments too. Bonding over the selection of photos, choosing embellishments, and arranging layouts can foster meaningful connections and conversations. Whether it’s capturing the nostalgia of the past or creating new memories in the present, scrapbooking is a therapeutic and fulfilling activity that brings joy to seniors and their families alike.

Decorate a Seasonal Photo Wreath

Group your photos by season or holiday to create a festive wreath. This is a cozy activity for the holidays with your senior loved ones. Help curate their photo collection by choosing a few memorable captures from over the years, then, using a wire frame holder, decorate the perfect wreath to hang over the mantle or outside the door. This meaningful project not only adds a personal touch to your holiday decorations but also creates lasting memories and bonds between generations.

Make a Memory Door

Choose a spare closet, the back of a bedroom door, or even a free office wall and spruce it up with photos. Using a few command strips, you can easily "wallpaper" one side of a door to create a gateway to fabulous moments with family and friends. Your senior loved ones will enjoy the daily company of their favorite people whenever they enter the room. This personalized photo wall can evolve over time, allowing you to update it with new memories, creating a dynamic and ever-changing display.

Create a Photo Garland

Faerie lights aren't just for dorm rooms. These fanciful additions can add a touch of ethereal magic and light up any space. In fact, they're ideal for senior living as faerie lights provide dimension in small spaces like condos and apartments. Create a photo garland with a few delicate strands of lights, mini clothespins, and your favorite family photo highlights, turning your living space into a cherished gallery of memories that glow with warmth and nostalgia.

Our Careage communities offer spacious and welcoming homes that are easy to personalize with photographs and other decor. Learn more about how we can help plan a lifestyle for your aging loved one with a myriad of continuing care options for all seniors.


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