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Doctor talking to a senior patient at an appointment

How To Help Seniors With Getting to Doctor Appointments


When you're close with a senior who needs to get to doctor's appointments regularly, it often falls on you to ensure that your senior knows when their appointment is and how they will get there. It can be overwhelming for the senior in your life to keep track of all their appointments and travel options alone. Here are some ways that you can make it easier for your senior to remember and get to their appointments:

Make a Calendar

Sometimes, creating a visual calendar is the best way to ensure that your senior remembers all of their appointments. It should be one that has large print and is placed prominently in their room, so your senior loved one won’t forget to look at it. Have your senior loved one can mark off every day so they can keep track of what day it is and how close their appointment is. When you write down all your senior's appointments on a calendar, they'll be less likely to forget about their commitments.

Drive Them or Arrange a Medical Car

If you're able to take your senior to their appointment, that can be especially helpful. You can assist with mobility aid as needed, remind them to ask questions during their, appointment and serve as a calming comforting presence. If you can’t, arrange for a qualified caretaker or medical van to take them. They are better equipped than taxis or rideshares to handle senior needs.

Text or Call Them

If your senior still forgets their appointments, even with a calendar system in place, it might be easiest to call or text them on the day of their appointments. Making direct contact with them can also be reassuring. Make sure you give them time to prepare in case they have forgotten. It might even benefit them if you call them a day before their appointment and the day of, just to ensure they don't forget.

If your loved one is still struggling to get proper medical care, it might be time to consider a senior living community. Careage is committed to making sure that your senior has the health and emotional care that they need. For more information about living at Careage Senior Living, contact us.


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