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Close-up of hand holding medication and water | tips for seniors to remember medication

How to Help Your Senior Loved One Remember to Take Medication


Aging gracefully can come with its joys and of course challenges — one of them being staying on top of all the medications. While it can be difficult to remember the time of day, dose, and any notes from the doctor, it’s paramount to be on top of medication for optimal health. Therefore, we’ve rounded up a few helpful tips that will keep you or your senior loved one on track.

Establish a Routine

Routines help all of us stay on track, no matter how old. These daily rituals become especially critical as we age. It’s always important to take your medication at the time that it is prescribed. If that time aligns with a certain activity, then it will be easier to remember. Oftentimes, medications should be taken with food. If that’s the case for you, make it a habit to take your dose at breakfast or dinner. Lunch is an option as well however breakfast and dinner tend to be more consistent. You can also schedule medication after waking up or right before bed. Or, schedule it at the same time as a healthy activity you enjoy doing. Whether you do daily stretches or meditation, these wellness activities will remind you of your health and then you’ll be inclined to take your medication.

Write Down Wellness Reminders

Grab a dry-erase marker and jot down reminders on a whiteboard, fridge, or even a mirror. A few simple cues can make a world of difference when it comes to gently reminding our loved ones throughout the day. If doing a full whiteboard calendar, grab some colorful options and fun magnets to make the schedule standout.

Use a Pillbox

Pillboxes are ideal for seniors living alone. These handy organizers serve as a tangible reminder to take necessary medications. We recommend a pillbox with an alarm. This innovative design is perfect for seniors who aren't comfortable setting smartphone alarms and may forget to reset a bedside alarm clock.

Choose the Location

Forgetfulness is not limited to failing to remember when to take medications. Losing one's pillbox is a common problem among seniors and often creates frustration. Encourage your loved one to store their pillbox in the same location every day. For example, if taken with breakfast, keep the pillbox in the kitchen cabinet. A consistent sense of place helps jog our memory on days when we aren't feeling as sharp as usual.

Find Technology Solutions

In our modern age, there are several options for user-friendly apps to remind your loved one to take their medication. Take a look through GoodRx's recommendations for seniors and set them up with a simple, friendly reminder directly from their smartphone.

Of course, taking advantage of a knowledgeable continuum of care is one of the best ways to support a loved one in their aging journey. Careage has built a dynamic community of home health aids that specialize in memory care at varying levels of need. Reach out to our team today to learn more.


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