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Three seniors stretching on mats indoors

How to Stay Active Indoors as a Senior


If you are slowing down as you age, you may not be able to go outside as often as you used to. But it's still possible to remain active as a senior even when spending most of your time indoors. Here are some of the different ways you can keep up a healthy lifestyle without going out into the elements.

Enroll in a Fitness Class

If it's too cold to exercise outside or you no longer feel safe going for a walk by yourself, you could consider enrolling in a fitness class or joining a local fitness center. You'll likely find recumbent bikes and a variety of other exercise equipment that will help you stay active and healthy while working out in a safe environment. Be sure to ask a professional at the facility how to use the equipment so you don’t overstrain yourself.

Join a Community With a Pool

Swimming is a great way to stay active as you age because moving around in a pool won't put too much stress on your joints. Find a community that caters to seniors and take advantage of their pool to keep yourself in shape. You may even find a pool that offers group exercises so you can have fun swimming with others.

Be Social Indoors

If you don't want to actively work out, you can still keep yourself in shape by seeking out an opportunity to be social with other seniors. The local senior community may offer a dance night, for example. Even a simpler event like a board game or bingo night will have you moving your arms around as you handle cards or game pieces with other players.

If you are looking for more opportunities to stay active and socialize with others as you age, you may want to look into the benefits of joining a senior living community. You'll find access to top notch fitness facilities and classes as well as a variety of opportunities to interact and socialize with others. Contact Careage communities to learn more about options near you, and keep an eye on our blog for more ways to stay healthy and happy as you age.


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