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How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Hiring an In-Home Caretaker


If your parent or loved one chooses to age at home, you may find yourself growing more worried about his or her well-being, even if you frequently stop by to check on them and help out around the house. Their health and stability may rapidly grow more fragile particularly following a surgery, illness, or injury. In this case, hiring a part-time in-home caretaker can be an excellent solution. In-home caretakers can offer various different services, ranging from physical therapy to medical social services. Despite these advantages, your loved one may be hesitant to hire in-home help. Careage Senior Living has compiled a list of tips for engaging in this difficult conversation with your aging parent or loved one.

Do Your Research

Your loved one will likely have many questions and concerns about the idea of hiring a caretaker. Make sure to alleviate their worries by looking for answers in advance. Explain the different types of in-home care and how it will affect their day-to-day life. Be ready to answer questions about costs. Research some local options and be ready with brochures or websites that you can show them. You want to assure them that you are serious and you understand what’s involved.

Emphasize Your Personal Concern

Don’t be afraid of sounding selfish. Your parent has your best interests at heart as well. Gently explain that while you may be just a phone call away, you still worry about them living alone and what could happen when you aren’t around. If you’re the primary caretaker and the responsibilities are beginning to pile up, express to them that you aren’t sure you can provide them with the level of care they deserve.

Keep Them Involved

Make sure to stress to your parent that this is something you’ll be tackling together. Keep their interests in mind when speaking to them about a potential caregiver. Ask them what parts of their day are most challenging for them, and take note of their daily schedule. If they’re more active in the mornings or evenings, you can tailor a caregiver's visit to those times.

After you’ve broached the topic with your loved one, reach out to an expert. Careage offers a wide variety of home health and respite care services and can answer any question you and your loved one has about in-home care. Check out our website to learn more.


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