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Technology for Seniors: 3 Easy-to-Use Options


Staying connected, engaged, and active can make all the difference in a senior's well-being. The world of technology continues to deliver senior-friendly innovations that simplify communication, provide entertainment, and streamline daily tasks. From wearable tech to gadgets for around the home, seniors have numerous technology options, all designed to be simple to set up and use. We have compiled three easy-to-use types of technology you may want to consider.

Fitness Trackers

A number of fitness trackers are designed to be easy to use for seniors. These trackers can monitor daily step counts, heart rate, and even sleep patterns. The devices also often have settings to encourage activity on a regular basis. For more tech-savvy seniors, most fitness trackers can be paired with an app to monitor trends over a longer period.


A small tablet or iPad may be one of the most attractive and helpful technology tools for seniors. One small device can open up multiple avenues for communication, entertainment, and education. There are many tablet options geared toward seniors with easy set-up and user-friendly functionality to get seniors connected without hassle. While phones may be difficult to read and laptops may be too cumbersome, tablets hit the sweet spot between portability and readability.

Smart Speakers

Once a smart speaker is integrated into your senior loved one's living space, it can manage an incredible number of tasks. Using just their voice, seniors can access information on the internet, control appliances in their living space, and even stay in touch with phone calls and text messages. Most speakers also learn and adapt over time to become even more useful and further streamline daily life.

At Careage Senior Living, we understand that technology is a critical component of staying connected and active. Seniors are resilient and can adapt quickly, but finding easy-to-use technology can lower the barriers and open a new world of possibilities. You can find more tips or information on senior living on our blog.


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