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Three Benefits of Living Closer to a Senior Loved One


Do you have a loved one who is navigating the golden years of his or her life? Do you wish you could be closer to your loved one to provide additional support? There are many benefits your loved one will gain if you can find a way to live closer to them. Careage has provided a list of some of those benefits here.

Keep Your Loved One Active

Seniors with a loved one nearby may have more opportunities to get out of the house or at least get up and get moving. They may be able to visit with or play with the grandkids or go out for an afternoon on the town with a family member. Even just a walk through the local grocery store from time to time may help your loved one maintain their physical well-being.

Boost Mental and Emotional Health

If your loved one currently lives on their own and away from family and friends, they may feel lonely and isolated. Finding a way for your loved one to have more social experiences or reconnect with family can work wonders for their mental and emotional health. Often, it's simply comforting for seniors to know that there is someone nearby to help in case of an emergency.

Assistance With Daily Tasks

Does your loved one need to keep up with a medication schedule? Are they having issues keeping the fridge stocked with food or even getting dressed in the morning? Moving your loved one closer to you may allow you to help out and ensure that their basic needs are met. Being nearby also allows you to better assess when it’s time to get more help with day-to-day needs.

If you have a loved one who needs additional assistance at this time in their life, one option would be to move your loved one into a senior living community that's closer to you. Your loved one will have access to a great support system within the community and the ability to stay closer to family and friends. Contact Careage for more information.


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