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Senior stretching an arm in a yoga exercise

Ways Seniors Can Stay Active Indoors


Staying active can be challenging as the weather cools and we begin to spend more time indoors. Don't let the chill discourage you from making time for wellness. Daily exercise is one of the best ways to manage seasonal depression, promote year-round health, and de-stress. Find your inspiration with these ways seniors can stay active indoors.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are among the best indoor exercises for seniors. Movement work supports healthy joints, improves circulation, and can benefit seniors in managing chronic pain and stiffness. Pilates generally focuses on building strength, while yoga offers many different forms such as restorative that are more accessible and slow-paced. Rotating between the two activities creates a balanced indoor workout routine.

Hop on a Stationary Bike

When it comes to staying active, aerobic workouts are the best way to get your heart rate up. Hop on your stationary bike and go for a ride through the virtual park. Indoor bikes are an excellent choice for seniors. Biking is low-impact, enjoyable, and an effective way to maintain health and wellness throughout the year.

Host a Ping Pong Tournament

Staying connected with others is a great way to keep the motivation and accountability going when it comes to prioritizing daily exercise. Not all workout routines need to be high-intensity. Fun activities count too! Consider adding ping pong to your workout routine. Not only is this a great way to improve flexibility and joint strength, but group activities help you stay social as part of an active community.

Dance the Night Away

Dance is a fun way to stay active indoors this winter. A total body workout, taking an online dance class, or following a simple tutorial, is a fantastic way to get those endorphins going. Indoor workouts for seniors can become monotonous when we run through the same exercise reps. We're far more likely to stick to a healthy lifestyle when we're doing something we love that allows us to engage creatively as well as physically. Try a free virtual line dancing workshop to get a feel for the flow.

Embrace Chair Exercises

For seniors looking for gentle yet effective indoor exercises, chair exercises offer a fantastic solution. These routines cater to various fitness levels and mobility challenges. Seated exercises not only promote strength and flexibility but also enhance balance and stability, crucial for preventing falls. With modifications available for almost any movement, seniors can comfortably engage in leg lifts, arm circles, and seated marches, turning any chair into a gym. Chair yoga, in particular, combines the benefits of yoga with the support of a chair, making it accessible for individuals with limited mobility or those seeking a milder workout option. Incorporating these routines into daily activities or during TV time can make staying active indoors more convenient and enjoyable for seniors.

Finding ways to stay active indoors can sometimes feel challenging, especially if you aren't sure where to start. We're here to support active retirees in elevating their healthy lifestyle goals. Reach out to our team for more information on becoming a part of our community.


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