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"Bob had about a year in Liberty Lane before the pandemic shut everything down.  During that year he settled into a comfortable routine where he socialized more than he had before.  We visited at least weekly and were able to take him out for drives, family events, or just a beer and burger.  I was able to join Bob and other residents on sponsored field trips, such as the Port Defiance aquarium.  I really appreciated the senior staff such as Tamara.  She was an anchor for us, Bob was comfortable with her, and her consistency was really appreciated.  We had concerns about high turnover and maybe junior staff did, the senior staff did not and that was really important." - Ken B.


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"My father was living off-site, independently, and our family understood we and he could not sustain that anymore.  He had been getting lost, calling us at various hours with rather non-sensical questions.  With his support and permission, we moved Bob to Independent Living at Patriots Landing.  Although we got him settled at that level of care, Bob was not really comfortable, despite family visits almost every day.  As his illness came into focus, Patriots Landing staff were able to signal his family that he needed a higher standard of care.  About this time, we received confirmation from neurological testing that Bob’s skills had declined significantly.  It was time for a higher standard of care.  The transition from his independent living apartment to the Memory wing was as smooth as it could be.  This is a great benefit living at Patriots Landing at an earlier stage of ability and cognitive skills.  The transition to Memory Care took some adjustment, but after a while, Bob’s family learned how to visit easily, take him out for little trips, and how to communicate to staff about supplying personal health items of use to him. Bob began to understand the routine, and was proud of being the first resident up, dressed, and ready for breakfast, sitting on ‘his” bench in the hall. 

As his closest family member, I began to learn about services provided to residents, like regular orthotic care, which I approved. There is also a visiting nurse system that sees many members of the community, I was happy to free our family from the hassle of off-campus care elsewhere.  Working with the visiting nurse was so much easier. Also, I didn’t have to worry about what Bob was eating, due to concerns regarding salt intake.  I knew all the meals served met heart health standards, and in fact, his heart health was great during his stay. 

Although it was hard being separated from Dad during the pandemic, I also knew that Patriots were doing the best they could to protect residents and staff.  And they did a great job.  I do recommend Patriots Landing Memory Lane to families wondering how to take care of a loved one.  It’s clear the program tries to provide entertainment and variety within a safe bubble." - Tracey K.


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"I want to thank all of you so much for taking care of my Dad. When I was told about Patriots Landing so many years ago, I thought it would be a perfect place for him. The care, the compassion, and the love that everyone showed over and over was beyond anything I ever imagined at that time. He was very, very lucky to have all of you on his side and by his side.  Not only did you take care of him, but you became his family and mine also. Words can not express how thankful I am to all of you. I will never forget Patriots Landing and the kindness that you all showed." - Denise R.